ManoverMusic is a publishing company and a record label. Founded in Sweden in 2009.
The business started out with an empty catalogue, but the rumour was spread and people wanted to be a part of this new place.

We work with music that we like and of course also people we like and do believe in and we try to find people who loves music, just as much as we do.

To make things even crazier, we decided to give away 10% to different organizations that help this planet in many ways. So, when a production have reached breakeven (which is when all expenses are paid), 10% of the money will be spread out to different organizations, like World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, DATA, a.s.o. So if people buy the music from ManoverMusic, you will help the planet just a little. And as we all know... just a little is also worth something.

We are also working with management for the following bands:
Lavin, Grand Pop Station and Shock the Monkey.

Keep buying music instead of downloading... which is killing music in the end.

ManoverMusic, Sweden